Lorraine Niccoli is ESP of the Year


March 31, 2012

Lorraine Niccoli, a paraprofessional educator and president of the Brockton Paraprofessionals Association, has been named MTA's ESP of the Year.

The award was presented by Donna Johnson, MTA at-large director to represent education support professionals, during the closing lunch of the two-day MTA ESP Conference. More than 300 ESPs from all over Massachusetts attended. The conference provided MTA ESPs with an opportunity to network, learn new skills and share and exchange experiences and ideas.

In presenting the award, Johnson said:

Lorraine is an ESP member who works in the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) in Brockton. Lorraine’s work is highly regarded by every school librarian in Brockton, as Lorraine is a true education support professional who is always ready to answer questions, handle problems and help her colleagues.

In addition, Lorraine represents 350 members as president of the Brockton Paraprofessionals Association. Lorraine works closely with MTA, and is a leader who understands the value of engaging her membership. Lorraine does not look at contract negotiations or grievance processing as her only union duties. In fact, Lorraine has built strong relationships within her local, has worked tirelessly for the rights of her members, and always seeks to increase the power of her members through their engagement and involvement. She is an authentic leader, and a marvelous example of how leaders can make a difference.

Further, Lorraine has worked with the Brockton School Department to identify meaningful professional development activities that have enabled Paraprofessionals to excel in the classroom. Lorraine is skilled in conflict resolution and always displays diplomacy and insight when dealing with difficult situations. All who meet Lorraine recognize her positive attitude, energy, talent, and dedication.

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